My first solo cross-country✅

All the way to La Belle and back. What are my thoughts? Scary? Intense? A lot at the same time? 

It was actually really good. I realized the moment things start going crazy is when you stop trusting what you know which I am pretty good at. Especially with the navigation where I can get caught in my own thoughts and start to over-analyze. 

The best part, I got to stop in La Belle and pee... It felt so weird, just landing the airplane to go out and pee. ✌️

It was so much fun. Once I stepped out, and the sun was shining in my face, I realized how grateful I am, not only for the flying but for life itself. 

So the conclusion of the day is that I am happy with my flying, but most happy am I for all the amazing people I met here every day at the school, in the gym, at the stores, and in the house. I just feel grace.

 It is so easy, to easy to take things for granted... 

Anyways, I am going back to Sweden today. I will write a post about this whole trip but now I really need to pack my stuff.

See you next time Florida! Thank you for everything! 


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