They locked us in because they thought I had the coronavirus

Last week my roommate came home from Switzerland, she had also been in Italy (Milano) during the same trip. She was sick when she came home but it did not get bad until Tuesday. On Friday I started to feel bad....

Sunday night was the worst, I didn't sleep at all. On Monday around 9 pm I started having trouble breathing. By this time I had a high fever, coughed a lot, my throat was swollen, I had pain in my body, an really messy conjunctivitis and I felt generally weak, which are all basically symptoms of the flu. 

We went to Sollentuna närakut with the hope that they could do something about my breathing issues. Once we're there they started checking me, my fever was at 39.6 degrees Celsius which is around 103 Fahrenheit... I had a quick lowering on 40. Then they asked if I have been abroad, and I told them that I have been in the US, but then I said I am living with a girl (she was with me at the hospital), who was in Italy and Schweiz last week. If you haven't seen it the coronavirus has been noticed in northern Italy ( 


I am not a coronavirus professional as you may understand, but what I understood is that they have to go through this process if you have the symptoms and also have been in an infected country. So after they heard this they put us in an isolated room and by now we all started being a bit worried, but we still had a good laugh about the situation and it would have been so much worse if I didn't have both my dad and my roommate there. 

After a while a doctor comes in with a protective mask over her mouth and she tells us we have to go to Danderyds sjukhus. So we go. When we arrive at the hospital I go in to tell them I have a electronic medical letter of referral from Sollentuna närakut. She calls someone and she tells me to wait outside because I am not allowed to be in the waiting room. So we go outside and wait there. After maybe 15-20 minutes a door opens with the number "1" on and the girl is wearing a protective mask over her mouth. We are all a bit confused about the whole process of being treated like we carry the plague. 



This following part was without doubt the worst. We sat in this room from 11 pm to 1 pm with two plastic chairs and a toilet. I got really upset because no one told us what was going to happen and it still hurts to breathe. We couldn't get out the door we came in through but you could walk out into the rest of the department. I walked out to find someone that could help me, but they quickly told me I had to go back inside. It was kind of a crazy situation. Then a nurse came in to tell us we had to wait for a special doctor and she wasn't allowed to be near us she said. Shortly after this the doctor finally came and he seemed to think about the whole situation the same way as we did. My fever was still 39,6 so he was a bit confused why no one had given me any antifebrile. Then he checked by breathing, blood pressure and from this he could come to the conclusion I have the flu Type A. Which is basically what is considered the "normal" flu. The reason for my breathing issues was my infection-induced asthma and that I just needed to take my medicines for that. This doctor was really good and effective, but the whole process was really weird before meeting him. 

My conclusion from this is that once again I am disappointed with the swedish healthcare system. I came there because I found it hard to breath and their solution is to put us in a room for hours. We even pressed the red alarm button but no one came which didn't make it feel any safer. I just feel so bad for the people that are old or already have a weakened immune system who gets this flu because it really hit me hard and I would consider myself a healthy person. Overall I am happy we didnt have the coronavirus, but I am also a bit upset about how they took care of the situation. I totally understand they have a lot of patients, I mean they had 35 ill people in the department, but I just think that if someone has a really high fever and trouble with breathing it isn't the best solution to put them in a cold room for two hours without checking them out first ... 

It was definitely an interesting Monday night😅

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