Fly me to the moon

Hi everyone! 

I am a bit confused if this blog will be in swedish or english or maybe just both🤦‍♀️

For those of you who do not know me:

My name is Saga and I am a 19 year old student pilot from Sweden. I am currently in Florida, more specificially in Vero Beach. My main reason for being here is for finishing my PPL. I have around 30 hours in the airplane and in two weeks I go back to Sweden to finish my exams. After that I go back to do the last hours and my checkride. 
In Sweden my life is nothing like here. I live in a small village outside of Stockholm. I spend my free time with my horses, my dog, my cat, training, hanging out with friends etc.I have à lot of hobbies and I find most things interesting.
Riding has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love to ride and to  relax in the stable😉 

I will write a separate post about why I want to become a pilot (already posted one in swedish)😉 

My thought was that I could do some posts every week in english for those of you that aren’t swedish (even tho my english is not the best) 🌍


Tomorrows lesson, I am excited to finally start with the navigation😉 The last lessons I have done precautionary landings, steep turns, some soloflying (still need more hours but there has been some issues with airplanes and so on), patterntraining and repetition of stalls. So tomorrow I will start my navigation training. 10 more days then I will finally see all of my friends, family and my animals. Now it has gone more then 2 months since I arrived which is pretty insane..


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